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Friday, 25 March 2005
Keeping a closed rabbitry
Mood:  special
Now Playing: KC and the Sunshine Band "Please Don't Go"
Topic: Rabbit Talk
The rabbits are all doing well. This burst of semi-Spring like temps has them hopping around with a bit more bounce in their step so to speak. :)

One thing bothers me though. I get a lot of e-mails for people asking about rabbit care, and wanting to come see the rabbits. I keep a closed rabbitry. I do this for the security and safety of the rabbits. When people see rabbits, they tend to want to touch them. Of course, because rabbits are cute, cuddly and adorable creatures. BUT, humans are carriers of many germs. Including those that can make a rabbit sick, like pasturella, and various other germs. I can count on one hand the amount of people that have entered my rabbitry in the past 22 months. I have one person who takes care of my herd while I'm gone; she has no rabbits of her own. My two kids and husband occasionally enter, but rarely, as they aren't that interested in the rabbits. And I've allowed my friend Leslie Samson to enter the rabbitry, as she knows and understands about keeping a closed rabbitry. I even have special barn shoes/boots that I wear when I go out to the barn, that aren't worn outside of my property. Breeders and owners can say that they want a healthy herd. Part of that is not allowing just anyone into your rabbitry. If you want a healthy herd, you need good animals. Some animals will be more resistant to germs than others. THOSE are the animals that you want. Germs will always be a part of any farm; heck, anywhere we live will have germs in it. But you can keep your animals from potentially being made ill by keeping prying hands out of the rabbitry. That is why I keep a closed rabbitry and I hope by this explanation, people will understand why I don't invite them into the rabbitry.

Posted by baycolonyfarm at 9:21 AM EST
Updated: Friday, 25 March 2005 9:24 AM EST
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