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Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Those Spring chores
Mood:  chatty
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Topic: Rabbits

O.k., I can't really say anything about the IAGARB meeting, as the minutes of the meeting have not been published to the general membership, but I can say that it was great and I'm really looking forward to the next one! :)

Yesterday, after Leslie and I completed some of the IAGARB business that needed immediate attention, Leslie left to go back to Canada, and I headed out to the bunny barn. I moved Mia's four babies out to the barn on Sunday, as they are now 2 weeks old, and getting to the point where they want to start exploring. Exploring in my office isn't a good idea, and Mia is doing a fine job of keeping them warm. She even pulled a bit more wool so that they would be cozy last night. However, I'm not quite sure just who's wool she is pulling. I noticed that the buck placed next to her has a rather large bald patch on his right rear quarters. I noticed this last week, and I suspect that she pulled a large quantity of his wool (he is such a sweetie, and just loves attention, so I'm wondering if he was letting her pull the wool through the cages just because he likes her?). Anyway, Mia has been doing a very good job of mothering, and is now more relaxed with her kids back in the cage. My check on them this morning at 6 a.m. revealed that they were covered with lots of beautiful warm angora wool.

With it being 70 degrees outside, I decided to do some barn cleaning. Each Spring, the barn needs a major cleaning. So yesterday, I hauled a lot of bunny poop and hay out to the garden. The really great thing about bunny manure is that is isn't a "hot" fertilizer, and can be put directly into the garden. However, I had several bales of hay that got wet this year, and since I couldn't feed them to the rabbits, those too went out into the garden. This weekend, I'm going to have a major bonfire out there, and burn it all. The ash is very good for the garden.

Today I'm also meeting a new bunny owner, who is buying Precious. Precious (if you remember) was the little doe that I saved from chill last May. She was almost 3 weeks old when I found her in the cage, with Mia laying up against her, trying to keep her warm. Well, Precious is going to a new home today, and I believe that the owner is going to be very good to her. It was a tough decision to sell Precious, but sometimes we just have to let go.

Posted by baycolonyfarm at 7:14 AM EDT

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