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Bay Colony Farm

Calvin's Mini-lops
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About Us

Many customers like to know about the business and people behind the products they buy. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves.

Our Breeding Philosophy

The objective of our breeding program is to breed rabbits that meet the standard of the breed, and to improve what we have.  We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and seeing the rabbits as much as we enjoyed having them here.

The People Involved

Helen -
I am the one who started Bay Colony Farm.  I've had at least one rabbit since 1988, when it began with a Satin angora buck named Jolson.  I knew nothing about angoras (but lots about rabbits!) when I purchased him in November of '88.  He taught me a lot, including how it is possible to have a house trained rabbit (or I should say, litter box trained when HE felt like it!).  Jolson required haircuts every few months, and most of the time, I would throw out the fur for the birds for nest building.  But a few times I saved that wool, and after Jolson died in 1996 at the age of 8, I decided that I would use that wool sometime in the future.  In 1998, I sent the wool off to a spinner I knew, who spun it into yarn, and I used that yarn to knit a hat for my oldest child to wear home from the hospital when he was born.
The following year in May of '99, I learned how to spin.  The same day that I tried a spinning wheel for the first time, I also held a 4 day old baby angora bunny, and I was hooked; love at first sight!  By the end of November '99, I had 6 angora rabbits and one epileptic Rex that I was given shortly before Jolson died.  In 2001, I decided that in order for the rabbits to earn their keep, I would blend the rabbit fur with all of the fleeces that I had purchased, and start selling directly to the public.  I have loved every minute of my time talking to people about rabbits, teaching basic spinning, enabling people with lovely fiber and working with wood, building our spinners and weavers tools.  But in the Fall of 2006, I decided it was time to concentrate on other avenues, and retire the fiber business.  I'm finding that I'm having a lot of fun meeting up with my fiber friends and spending time with them at shows as opposed to selling.  It has been a good choice for me.  While I still have one German Angora here named Max, he may be joined by more in the future, but for now, Max gives me enough lovely angora to suit my own personal needs.
If you would like to know more about our day to day activities, please check out the blog at
Has always had a big part in the rabbit care at Bay Colony Farm.  Ever since he was a baby, he has been fascinated by the rabbits.  And has he has grown older, he has been helping me with watering and feeding, cleaning cages and cleaning the barn (yes, he has done this all by himself and asked that we not help him; he has a fantastic work ethic!).  Calvin has a gentle spirit, and looks for ways to make the rabbits happier and more comfortable.  I wouldn't be surprised if he did grow up to own his own farm and greenhouse one day.

Our Company

We are a small farm, which right now is moving in the general direction of breeding Mini-lop rabbits and we hope to soon aquire a Belgian Hare trio for breeding purposes and showing.

Bay Colony Farm * PO Box 633 * Hadley, MA. 01035