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Bay Colony Farm

Calvin's Mini-lops
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We have rabbits ranging from pet quality to breeding quality.  Our current list of rabbits for sale is located below; all of them ready to give beautiful fiber and lots of love!
Pictures of individual rabbits are available upon request.
Please remember that rabbits are a long term commitment.  We are more than happy to offer help on grooming and care either via phone, e-mail or in person if possible after the purchase of your rabbit.  We want BOTH of you to be happy and enjoy your time together.
For more information on purchasing a rabbit, please check out Our Policies.

Baby Bunnies from October 2004
Is there more food down there???

Rabbits for Sale as of June 2006
Chunky Monkey - This is the little buck that is featured on the home page.  He is sweet, but small.  He would be best suited as a pet/wooler for someone.  His sire is Samson's Merlot, and the dam is Samson's Annie.  -  $75.00 without pedigree
Angel -  This doe came from a litter that was born here last Autumn.  The sire is Samson's Gwerztraminer, and the dam is Samson's Mia.  Both sire and dam have great density, and this doe does too.  She would make an excellent breeding doe, and I have high hopes that she could pass registration with IAGARB.  -  $200.00 with pedigree

Rabbits sold as pets/woolers do not come with pedigrees so that they aren't later used as breeding animals.  Breeding quality animals do come with pedigrees.

We accept MC, VISA, Discover Card, Paypal, checks, cash or money orders.  E-mail us at or call us at 413-259-1311.

Bay Colony Farm * PO Box 633 * Hadley, MA. 01035