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Another Day at Bay Colony Farm
Sunday, May 22, 2005
Looks can be deceiving
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: Motley Crue "Smokin' in the Boys Room"
Topic: Shows

The front side of my new t-shirt:

Makes a non-fiber person think that I'd been all the way down to the Caribbean for sheep. Huh????

And the back side:

I find this very amusing. :)

The show was nice yesterday. Lots of people turned out to help Jamaica raise money to restore their town hall. I was vending in the town hall with Linda Diak, Margaret Wilson from Mostly Merino, and several other vendors, including a couple who sells handmade items from Peru, and all of the money goes back to Peru to the people that make these gorgeous garments. I had remembered attending a lecture and slide series they did at Textile Traditions in 1999, when Alyson has her store open. They had just come back from Peru, and explained how there was a unique way of weaving, which had to deal with an interrupted warp, and only two village members knew how to do this art form. They told me yesterday that now there are 40 village members that know how to do this, and therefore the art will survive. The textile they were selling were gorgeous!

I will get my brochure from the car a bit later, and post their names for you in case anyone is interested in contacting them.

I also brought home a lot of spindles, crochet hooks and circular knitting needles from Linda and Tom to sell at MAS&W, aka Cummington the "cult" as Cassie refers to us followers. ;-)

Posted by baycolonyfarm at 10:43 AM EDT
Friday, May 20, 2005
Ambitious or just crazy?
Mood:  mischievious
Now Playing: Dire Straits "Money for Nothing"
Topic: Shows

My intentions were good. But sometimes I bite off far more than I can chew.

Today is a good example of that. I'm heading to Jamaica, VT tomorrow for the Jamaica Fiber Fest. Deanna was supposed to go over to Webs to represent Bay Colony Farm, but after taking stock tonight of everything I had to offer, I just didn't have enough inventory to do two simultaneous shows. And after the way I've been pushing myself for the past few weeks, my body said "Enough!" and forced me to take a nap today (something I don't do unless I am extremely tired or very, very sick). Forget carding, washing fleeces and dyeing. I was too tired. So Webs is out. And while I do love the Webs show, I want to see the Jamaica show too, since they have so many things planned during the day, including a Maypole dance, foot rug felting and various other cool activities for the people that attend. Besides, I'll be located next to Linda, and I'll enjoy the chance to visit.

So if you are looking for me tomorrow, I apologize for not being in Northampton.

But, I will have some really cool fibers for Cummington, as I'm now officially a Peace of Yarn retailer from Deanna's urging after she had been to MDS&W. Just wait till you see what I'll have with me at Cummington! :)

Posted by baycolonyfarm at 9:56 PM EDT

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