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Sunday, April 17, 2005
Wise People
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: America "You Can Do Magic"
I'm hoping this song is a good omen for today. I love starting my day with great music, and I turned on Radio AOL to find this playing. You can go months, even years without hearing certain songs, and now I get to hear this song twice within 3 days. I like that! :)

People come into our lives for different reasons. Some are there to make us stronger, and others are there to make us wiser. Leslie Samson is one of those people who does both. She is down this weekend for the annual IAGARB meeting we are holding today. I'm really looking forward to the meeting and we've been working very hard getting everything ready for it.

Anyway, Leslie is fascinating to listen to. She's very knowledgeable about so many things, and imparts wisdom during discussions. Yesterday, we talked about so many things, and each time, I came away feeling blessed that I have Leslie as a friend. Some people just have this way about them, and Leslie is one of them. Not to mention that she has a wicked sense of humor, and can make everyone laugh. :)

To top off a very interesting day, we went out to eat last night. If you are ready for a great dining experience, Hadley is now home to All Fired Up!, a Mongolian barbecue restaurant. For those that aren't familiar with Mongolian barbecue, the concept is rather simple, but lots of fun and a healthy way to eat. It is a buffet type of restaurant, where you put together your meal yourself, picking from various veggies and meats in bowls that are set out on ice. You fill a bowl with these items, hand it to the chefs and they cook the food in front of you, on a large round grill. All Fired Up! gives you a choice of approximately 10 different sauces to put onto your food if you choose. Last night, my first trip up included portabella mushrooms, pea pods, shrimp and scallops with a wonderful sweet and sour plum sauce. My second trip up (I was hungry, after eating just a bit of tofu for lunch) was chicken and steak, with water chestnuts, ginger and bamboo shoots in terriaki sauce. The only thing that detracts from this fabulous restaurant, is that the acoustics are quite loud, with sound echoing off of the walls, floor and ceiling (no carpeting to buffer the noise). Even with that, I will still go back. The atmosphere (colors on the walls, glasswear, etc.) is very electric, that is to say that colors are bold and bright; oranges mixed in with blues, bold reds and deep greens. It would be a Dyer's heaven with all those color combinations! I can now see why this restaurant has been so busy since opening back in December. Plus, they make a mean Caramel Apple Martini! ;-)

Today we'll be having lunch with Marcy, who is also a member of IAGARB and a good friend of mine. Marcy and Leslie always have fun things to talk about, so lunch should be interesting and quite fun.

Posted by baycolonyfarm at 7:42 AM EDT
Updated: Sunday, April 17, 2005 7:45 AM EDT

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