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Another Day at Bay Colony Farm
Wednesday, June 8, 2005
Drum roll please....
Mood:  cool
Now Playing: Smokey Robinson "Cruisin'"
Topic: Class information

The pictures! As promised:

Here we have Cathy Connor from IBIWISI Alpacas modeling her chic red vest with Border Leicester locks around the collar and front panels. Cathy e-mailed me on Monday night to tell me that she took the vest to work on Monday, and her fibery friends loved it!

Next is Sheryl, whom you might recognize from the most recent issue of Spin-Off. Sheryl is felting her fabric.

And here is Diane, an accomplished dyer and coat designer, showing off her red fabric with brown webbing on it. She'll look stunning in the coat when it is finished, and I can't wait to see what she designs!

Here is a picture that we took on Monday. Leslie Samson (third from the left) is demonstrating to (left to right) Karen, Diane and Sheryl the differences in felting needles.

And last, here is a picture of my partially completed coat. It still needs facing and sleeves, which will be made out of of a different type of material, that Karen and I plan to go looking for at Osgoods down in West Springfield.

We had a lot of fun in the class, and I'm looking forward to Leslie coming back in the fall to teach a class that Dharia requested at MAS&W. :)

Spinning Class Info

There are two spaces left in the Alden Amos Workshop. If you are planning on taking it, please let me know ASAP, as I can not save space due to the high demand I'm having for the remaining slots. I've filled 5 of them in the past few days.

Posted by baycolonyfarm at 8:25 AM EDT
Monday, June 6, 2005
Mood:  on fire
Now Playing: Byran Adams "Summer of '69"
Topic: Fiber

Still no pictures. That would require me moving. Seriously. I'm exhausted and sore. Making yardage is PHYSICAL activity, and is requiring me to use muscles that don't see all that much activity (especially in the back!). And besides, I'm afraid that if I bring my camera into the house, I'll forget it here and won't be able to record the rest of what is happening today up at the FAC.

BUT, Cathy from IBIWISI Alpacas almost completed her vest yesterday afternoon. A stunning red, with needlefelting. She had some finish handsewing to do, but it was wearable! I have pictures of it on my camera in the car.

The rest of us worked on completing yardage. Since we are all making coats, we have another day of class today to start cutting and sewing.

I am THRILLED with my yardage. The colors coming out are reminding me of Monet's Waterlilies paintings. And because I'm making a duster coat, it is long enough to take advantage of the gradual colors on it. But because it has these gradual colors, I won't be doing much embellishing. I'm going to be looking for small seed beads to sew onto it.

Pictures will follow after the close of class tonight.

Posted by baycolonyfarm at 6:27 AM EDT
Sunday, June 5, 2005
Ready for the Design Team?
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: James Taylor "Up On The Roof"

The first day of the Felted Coat class was yesterday. We are working in teams due to limited space (the room at the FAC is great but on the small side, but it does offer a wall unit AC, which was really appreciated by 2 p.m. yesterday!). We are also working at a faster pace in teams of two, because we are able to make the fabric quicker. I had originally wanted a blue batting, with a light blue silk under it. I think that Karen and I got a little too vigorous with the felting, as the fabric felted, but it didn't felt to the silk. The beauty of what we are doing is that we only have to felt two or three pieces of fabric in order to have enough yardage. So while Leslie figured out why my piece didn't felt property, Karen and I were able to get her second piece done. When class ended, Leslie and I found a nice length of silk, and started making a piece of fabric for me. I decided to change the batting color, which is now a gorgeous seafoam green with blues and purples. This felted much better to the new silk. I'm thrilled with the fabric that we finished with. And while we didn't leave the FAC until close to 9 p.m., I have a jump start on my fabric. Plus, we had a nice dinner of fried yuca and black beans from La Veracruzana, and Workingman's Ale from ABC. :)

Leslie has already left for the FAC as she wants to felt some yardage using other types of silk that we purchased this week. I'm anxious to see how she does with this red silk with gold threads running through it.

I'll have pictures to post later. :)

Posted by baycolonyfarm at 9:00 AM EDT
Friday, June 3, 2005
Remember this?
Mood:  energetic
Now Playing: Jimmy Buffett "Brown Eyed Girl"
Topic: Fiber

The two balls of roving on opposite ends*? I made this up last year just before MAS&W. It's called Creamsicle. I'm making more of it next week. I just sold the last amount this past weekend, and people love it! They adore the color combinations. Last year Pogo from Friend Folly Farm made the roving for me, but this year, I'm making the batts myself. There shouldn't be that much difference between the two, and I'll try to keep the colors separate like they were before. Last year it was an Icelandic/angora blend (the angora being the dyed wool), but this year I might try it up using some of the other wools I have. I still have Icelandic fleeces to use, so don't worry; I'll make some up using the Icelandic too. :)

*Photo courtesy of Claudia.

Posted by baycolonyfarm at 8:13 AM EDT
Busy week!
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: Walter Egan "Hot Summer Nights"
Topic: Class Information & Shows

Cummington was fabulous! Leslie sold three of the four Germans she brought down from Canada, and all buyers were extremely happy. Charlene purchased one to expand her breeding program.

I will say it is a lot of work to be vendor chair, but a lot of fun too. I met many new vendors (well, new to me as I don't really get a chance to chat with many sales people at these fairs; either they are really busy or I am!), and look forward to seeing them next year.

The Bobbin Trees and Logs were well received, and my inventory will need restocking for Rhinebeck, my next show. :)

Leslie has been staying here with us this week. She helped me pick out the pattern for my felted coat, which I'll start making tomorrow morning. We have a few people coming to do the vest class only, so they will be working with us on Saturday and Sunday, but the coat people stay through Monday. I've seen the batts that Leslie has in her truck for this class, and I can't seem to make up my mind if I want turquoise blue, dark blue or this really gorgeous seafoam green. I'll probably go with the darker blue, as this coat will be more fall/winter/spring wear than anything else. But the pattern I picked out has a dress, pants and shirt that go with it, so I can make an entire coordinating outfit. The coat is long and designed to be worn over any of the above items. I've got a million ideas floating around in my head about what I'll make. I guess it will just happen.
Leslie and I were trying to get some additional felting time in this week, but that hasn't happened.

Today Charlene is coming up for lunch and promised to bring taco soup. Yummmmm!

Posted by baycolonyfarm at 6:45 AM EDT
Sunday, May 29, 2005
MA Sheep and Wool
Mood:  chatty
Now Playing: The Rascals "Groovin'"

Yesterday was Day 1 of the MAS&W show. The weather gods have blessed us, as the sun actually came out on Friday and while we got a lot of rain on Friday night (which thankfully didn't happen until DH and I were done moving everything into the stall space), it was gorgeous yesterday!

Leslie arrived from Canada at 3:30 a.m., and slave driver that I am, I allowed her to sleep in till 7:15 when we had to get her up and out of the house to finish booth setup. I'd say we did a pretty good job of setting up the booth in 1/2 hour. Actually, my booth has never looked so good, but Leslie has brought a few things that really jazzed it up, including her 4 1/2' tall felted picture and two dress form (these are too cool!) to show off the coats on.

It was also my first day on as the new head of the vendor committee. Lucky me. ;-) Actually, Marian and I went around and she introduced me to everyone in the cattle and craft barns. We have a new change this year, and most everyone seemed o.k. with the switch. I will say this; a lot of people want to vend in those barns! :)

I also saw lots of bloggers and fiber list people there: Claudia was there wearing her very cool steel top along with Rosemary who was wearing her shirt which says "I'm blogging this" (and she was!). Leah and her very young looking Mom came to the booth to introduce themselves. I saw Jessie from CT, Helen from NETA, Marcy, Jarrett, Deanna, Kim D., Suzanne, Risa (whom I enjoyed talking to very much!) came by with her beautiful little twins, Cate breezed by with family in tow, and many, many others. I just love it when people come up and introduce themselves as "I'm from NETA, SheepThrills, Spin-List, (insert list of your choice)". The internet has done a great thing and really drawn people together. But I'll say blogging has done it even more

Today is Day 2. Leslie and I plan to get up to Cummington a bit earlier, and visit with the other vendors, some of whom she's know for 20+ years, but doesn't get a chance to see.

And doing part of my new vendor chair duties, I'll be going through the barns to make sure people are happy and to see if they need anything.

If you haven't been to Cummington, stop on up today if you are in the area. The show is one of the best I've seen, with some excellent new vendors, and some show favorites who've been coming for years.

Posted by baycolonyfarm at 6:08 AM EDT
Thursday, May 26, 2005
More Dyeing Ahead
Mood:  energetic
Now Playing: Walter Wanderley "Summer Samba"
Topic: A bit of everything

My friend Alyson used to own a wonderful store in Chicopee called Textile Traditions. She closed the store a few years ago, and still has yarns and equipment in her home from her inventory. Tonight I'm going over to her place to buy out what she has left of silk caps. I think I'll work at dyeing those tonight and tomorrow morning. I love spinning from silk caps and the colors you get when dyeing silk; so bright and clear.

On the home front: My bathroom is almost finished. I have a working shower (something we have not had in this particular bathroom in seven (yes, 7!) years, a working sink and vanity and the plumber is showing up early tomorrow to put the toilet back in (I have a funky house where things are rather messed up; chalk it up to a fly by night contractor who did less than wonderful work over 30 years ago!). I have a new floor, and new fixtures. I even hung a brand new shower curtain today with little fish on it.
Am I excited? Yeah, you could say that. Because once this bathroom is finished, we start gutting the one upstairs! Yikes!

And you are probably wondering what is up with the music I'm listening to? AOL Radio (my standard on the computer) has their Summer Daze radio station back on, and their like to mix up their music. Personally, the music I'm listening to now reminds me of the stuff my mother used to listen to when we were at my Grandmother's house in NJ when I was a kid. So you could say that I have fond memories of some music that sounds very much like elevator music. Yes, it's strange, but comforting at the same time. :)

Posted by baycolonyfarm at 6:00 PM EDT
Felted Vests and MAS&W update
Mood:  cool
Now Playing: Modern English "I Melt With You"
Topic: Class Information & Shows

I have an update on the felting classes and some new info about MAS&W!

Leslie will teach two classes next weekend. If you want to make a vest, you can take the class in two days, and if you'd rather make a coat, you can take the full three day class.

The vest class will cost $185, including materials. The only thing you need to bring are a vest pattern suited to your sewing ability and a sewing machine.

The coat class is $330, which also includes materials (let's face it, coats use much more fabric than vests). Just bring your coat pattern and sewing machine.

The classes start on SATURDAY, June 4th at 10 a.m. We'll be holding the classes at the Fiber Arts Center in Amherst, but you need to contact me regarding registration, as they are only providing the workshop space.

Leslie will have all three vests, plus the full length coat and a new jacket she just made on display in our stall space at MAS&W. If you want to see these items in person, please come visit us. We'll be taking registrations at the fair (and we'll even take MC/VISA for your payments!).


Yesterday I received a luscious shipment of fibers from Peace of Yarn, of which I'm one of their retailers now. Some gorgeous baby alpaca, lots of silk roving and some exquisitely soft cashmere are just a few of the items I'll have for sale there.

Doesn't that just get your creative juices flowing???

Posted by baycolonyfarm at 12:57 PM EDT
The Height of Tackiness
Mood:  incredulous
Now Playing: Frankie Valle and the Four Seasons "Who Loves You"
Topic: Rant

Sometimes I'm completely amazed that people are either so clueless or so completely gutsey by some of the things they do.

Take for instance, a person who sells via the internet, posted on a list this morning that she is attending "Show A" and will bring a few things she'd like to sell. Normally, this isn't a huge problem as people commonly post about wheels for sale, or drum carders and the like, and that they will deliver the item to be picked up at the fair. O.k., that's fine. It saves shipping for people, and is a good system, linking fiber people with tools they need, and giving those used tools a good home. BUT, bringing along MOST of your inventory and vending out of the back of your car, while recognized vendors have paid for spots, that is completely different. I find that to be reprehensible and so low. Why should one person think that they are above the rules of the shows, especially since others have paid for the privilage of selling there? What sets them apart from the rest except that they feel they can skirt the rules?

If you want to vend at a show; rent a space, or share with someone who is a recognized vendor. But don't vend out of the back of your vehicle, thinking that no one is paying attention. People are watching, and if you are lucky, you will only be asked to leave. But you will also damage your reputation with other vendors (who will give the shirts off of their backs to fellow vendors, and help out any way that they can if you have a crisis at a show) and you'll damage your reputation with the consumer, who will start to wonder if all your dealings are honest or not.

Posted by baycolonyfarm at 10:08 AM EDT
Tuesday, May 24, 2005
Updated class news!
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: Class information

Due to requests from people, Leslie has decided that we'll offer the coat/vest class in two sections; people can either take a two day class and make a vest, or do a full three days, and make a coat.

If you want to take the vest class, the class dates will be June 4th and 5th, at the Fiber Arts Center in Amherst. BUT, you need to register with me, and not the FAC, as they are only providing the classroom space to us.

We'll be taking registrations at MAS&W on Saturday and Sunday, but color choices for your main vest color will be limited.

Posted by baycolonyfarm at 5:56 PM EDT

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